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Can a Woman Become More Powerful?

Can a Woman be more powerful and stand out in her own feminine energy and take a stand?

As a woman, avoiding conflict to stay in peace is like:

the nurturing mother of a child

a partner of passion

a flower of sweetness.

But, we deny ourselves

  • Inability to be in the present moment.
  • Doubt (inability to trust our abilities – always need to be perfect)
  • Impatience (the stubbornness to refuse the present until a certain outcome is achieved)
  • Projection of negative beliefs, values and ideals permeating onto the universe.
  • Closing our minds to possibilities that surpass our wildest dreams.
  • The need to control by setting limits that make us comfortable and forsake the big picture, such as time limits, physical attributes, moral imperatives, etc.
  • An unwillingness to allow through surrender

Let’s Start with Surrender

Our beliefs hold us strong. Everything in our lives can be embraced. Everything in life is a lesson and our reactions can create or deny opportunity. Surrendering to actually being vulnerable takes courage.

We all have a strong internal compass that keeps us focused inward keeping use safe from our perceptions of reality.

      • Intention (the will to confidently assert your vision)
      • Surrender (Let Go, Let God) no investment in how your dream manifests
      • Detachment from the outcome (seeking no outward expression of the item.)
      • Flexibility (all while still ‘knowing’)


  • By surrendering judgment, you allow others complete autonomy because you are offering radical acceptance.

Surrender judgment

Of others: By allowing others to be who they are, you allow yourself to be who you are. It is impossible to be in alignment if you are passing judgement on others. Our lives carry our energy and when we are wanting a particular outcome, our feeling can leave us disconnected from what is true.

Of situations: by surrendering judgment of circumstances, we insert ourselves directly into the flow of what is. This is the space acceptance without judgments and fears clearing the error thoughts that block our feminine power.


Courage breeds success, but how do you build the confidence?

You build it by building your personal resources.

Stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Whether it’s through personal development, spiritual practice, coaching, all of the above or anything else that helps you be more of who you are.

Doing something you’ve never done before and finding you can do it.

Even it you are not equipped, build the courage to have the confidence.

Being vulnerable

Stepping out of your EGO it tough. Our ego likes to keep us safe creating illusions of danger. With courage comes an inner strength and confidence – will breed success.

Check out those disarming beliefs harboring your from stepping out. Are they real? Are they quantified?

Even with all the actions you put into place without courage and the ability to surrender we sabotage our self worth. Imagine: a little wall flower full of potential expecting to be rescued.

It can be an uphill battle(!) Free what is inside of you and step beyond. Life is too short to waste on unnecessary logic. Rewrite your reality and give yourself a reason to change.

Be that person who desires more in life and business – sweeping actions without compromise!

Do dare to dream bigger dreams. Trust in the wisdom and the gifts that created you. Whatever direction it may take you-you will have the courage to travel beyond.

When the twilight of your life arrives, as it surely will, it will matter not whether you managed to achieve your vision, but that you had the courage to surrender and pursue it.