Down By a Penny

The CEO of Highland Properties, one of the foremost richest landowners in Montana, was a gentleman known as Peter A. Hugh. The self-made billionaire was an elderly humble man who gave to many charitable causes, as well as being extremely frugal with his money. He saved every penny and didn’t spend them. For several years,… Continue reading Down By a Penny

Stealing Shakespeare – Part One

When Ben walked into his classical literature class five minutes late he hoped his instructor, George Leaf wouldn’t notice. Ben’s instructor had his back toward the class writing “William Shakespeare” on the board. Even though Ben walked into the class quietly, Leaf immediately turned around and spotted him. “Ben, you’re late again! What is it… Continue reading Stealing Shakespeare – Part One

The Walking Stick

‘Creak,’ ‘Creak,’ the walking stick made its way through the sands of time, generations witnessing its gradual imprint, in different hands. A beautiful stick made of the local wood, in the famous hill station of Matheran, with its salubrious climes, it resembled a Dalmatian, with black spots on a cream background. The handle was smooth,… Continue reading The Walking Stick

The Affair

He took me by my hand and led me barefooted, the both of us, to the lush greenery fields that bestowed upon us. The enchanting sunset was our audience. We danced in circles as I spun and spun gracefully within his embrace as he held my fingertips beneath our heads. Our eyes locked. Desire. Was… Continue reading The Affair

Stealing Shakespeare Part Two

Stealing Shakespeare – Part Two The next day, Ben walked from his neighborhood several blocks to wait for the bus. He didn’t forget the rare Folio and had placed it carefully, sandwiched between his other books before he left home. When he arrived at school, he took the Folio out and cautiously set it in… Continue reading Stealing Shakespeare Part Two

The Mad Hatter

My first experience with Doctor Teitelbaum was at the Hub in the Correctional Treatment Center of the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California. I stood in front of the wrap-around desk that contained the daily sign-in sheets for the MTAs, chatting with the officer on duty, when I heard a voice behind… Continue reading The Mad Hatter

When The Clerk Came To Work – A Prison Ghost Story

“It really happened, Taylor,” Kellogg said. He sat behind his desk in the Facility Three Yard program office of the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. He wore the bravo class uniform of a correctional sergeant, khaki shirt with three stripes on each arm, depicting his rank, and a black uniform ballcap to cover his brown,… Continue reading When The Clerk Came To Work – A Prison Ghost Story

The Discerning Commuter

He was not sure. He could never deny that he never wanted it. He needed it, particularly at times when he was stressed and tired. However, he was not at all sure what way he should act in general. Yes, Amlan considered himself as a deserving candidate since he was fast approaching the life landmark.… Continue reading The Discerning Commuter