The Walking Stick

‘Creak,’ ‘Creak,’ the walking stick made its way through the sands of time, generations witnessing its gradual imprint, in different hands. A beautiful stick made of the local wood, in the famous hill station of Matheran, with its salubrious climes, it resembled a Dalmatian, with black spots on a cream background. The handle was smooth,… Continue reading The Walking Stick

Video Consumption During Quarantine

While there were lots of unprecedented circumstances that have developed in 2020, not everything has been negative. Global pandemics aside, there have actually been some interesting societal shifts that could bring growth and positive developments going forward. Government officials and concerned friends and family urge a continued self-isolation at home to protect the health and… Continue reading Video Consumption During Quarantine

The Power of Clipping Path Services When Overruling a Customer’s Budget

When mobile phone technology emerged, recent as that is, a thousand plus companies have come up to provide mobile phone connection across the globe. So have mobile phone manufacturers, with a billion plus mobile phone brands and products. Similarly, at the onset of online marketing, image background services have become the very cornerstone of online… Continue reading The Power of Clipping Path Services When Overruling a Customer’s Budget

The Affair

He took me by my hand and led me barefooted, the both of us, to the lush greenery fields that bestowed upon us. The enchanting sunset was our audience. We danced in circles as I spun and spun gracefully within his embrace as he held my fingertips beneath our heads. Our eyes locked. Desire. Was… Continue reading The Affair

Weekly Review: Full Metal Panic!

Plot / Story Chidori was just a normal high school student; she was popular, beautiful, and, of course, the class rep! She had everything going for her, not a care in the world. That was until Sousuke showed up. He’s this weird “military nut” that thinks about every situation from a military perspective, in fact,… Continue reading Weekly Review: Full Metal Panic!

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