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The Majority Rule – Where Mediocrity Is Majority

In the case where the majority embrace impunity and mediocrity, then these rule. I cry for my motherland, Kenya. This is the only land where you can never depend on merit. The most important factors for advancement are who you know, how deep your pockets are, and luck – in that order. On a brighter note, it is undeniable that Kenya is a truly blessed land. Some even call it the cradle of all mankind. Boasting some of the best climate in the world, we are indeed endowed. Not only gifted by natural features, but the people are also outstanding in their own right. What with the offspring of a Kenyan becoming president of the USA, barely fifty years from the bondage of slavery!Not to mention the numerous feats Kenyans have achieved in various sectors. I wish I could be proud of my homeland. I really yearn for the day I can sincerely feel proud of my country. But in all accounts, so far, my dear country has been a let down, ever since I was born. I feel more and more frustrated each day. My country is no longer a source of inspiration. Instead, the going-ons are only a source of fear, anger, desperation and guilt. My primary school teacher taught me to appreciate the values of honesty, integrity and hard work. These do not work in Kenya; not any more! And now my son is soon joining the education system. What will the system, formal and informal, teach my boy? What else can explain public transporters ‘downing their tools’ because they are now required to obey the law? Where else are persons with pending serious court cases celebrated and fronted for presidency? This must be a case of a shortage of upright people, which I do not buy. It is purely a case of the standards we have chosen to set for ourselves, our children and future. These are mediocrity, impunity, lawlessness and utter contempt for anything systematic or ethical. This, in addition to the general lethargy, cowardice and inability to be decisive without seeking ‘what other people think’, have made my country into something I dread to bring up my child in, or even feel proud about. What a waste!…
These were the raw real sentiments running through the mind at that time. How times change!

Presently, I decided to focus care less about such sentiments and try focusing on real action oriented approaches. Now I write. I choose to write.