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How To Create A Flourishing Guitar Teaching Business

To create a flourishing guitar teaching business, you’ve got to do the following:

1. Transform prospects into new students every month of the year.

2. Use the most effective guitar teaching models.

3. Keep your students for several years or more.

4. Help your students become amazing guitar players.

5. Develop the ability to think for success at all times.

When your guitar teaching career isn’t going well, you’re making mistakes in one or more of these areas. You have to figure out which areas you struggle in and take action to fix them.

Once you understand your guitar teaching weaknesses, find out the reasons why these weaknesses exist in your business. This gives you a foundation to build your teaching business from.

Here’s why so many guitar teachers struggle:

Why You May Have A Hard Time Attracting New Guitar Students Throughout The Year:

Reason #1: You don’t advertise consistently. The easiest way to get tons of new guitar students is to expand your advertising efforts. This helps you understand which approaches work best and gets you new students at the same time.

Reason #2: You don’t advertise consistently during every month of the year. Advertise consistently during every month of the year (even the summer months).

Reason #3: You advertising strategies don’t work. Look closely at the approaches you use to get students, understand how to make your efforts more effective and start getting tons of new students.

Reason #4: Your conversion tactics don’t transition into sales. You need to find out how to efficiently turn prospects into new students. If you can’t do this consistently, you will struggle to run a successful guitar teaching business.

Reason #5: You teach guitar in a generalized manner. The most dedicated guitar students seek an expert guitar teacher who teaches in their specific style. Specializing in a particular style gets you more students and helps you hold onto them longer.

Note: Don’t overspecialize in a style that only a small handful of people play in.

Why You May Feel Over-worked From Guitar Teaching:

Reason #1: You don’t teach anything other than 1 to 1 lessons. Teaching one on one lessons exclusively takes up tons of your time. Unfortunately, working tons of hours like this will become tiring fast. Teaching group guitar classes is the solution to this issue.

Reason #2: You do work you shouldn’t be doing. Having a lot of students who don’t pay on time while also re-scheduling lessons to suit their needs makes your job much more stressful. This is fixed by using a solid teaching policy.

Reason #3: You get don’t get paid time off. A large percentage of guitar teachers do not make income in between lessons and cannot take paid time off. The best guitar teachers give value to their students even if they aren’t together with them in person.

Why Your Guitar Students Might Leave Too Soon:

Reason #1: You attract bad students. The worst kind of students lack general motivation, don’t respect your policies and have no dedication for reaching their goals. These students usually do not stick with guitar lessons for longer than a few weeks to a month.

Tip: Attract higher quality students by raising your lesson prices and improving your overall guitar teaching skills.

Reason #2: You teach your guitar students exclusively in private lessons. One on one lessons aren’t as motivating for your students as classes/group lessons are. Simply put, group lessons are much more fun for them. They give your students the chance to play with each other and work on real-life playing skills at the same time. This kind of atmosphere will keep them coming back for many years.

Reason #3: You teach guitar with general guitar books. Basic guitar teaching books are terrible for helping your students accomplish their particular musical goals. By using these, your will become disinterested fast and stop taking lessons with you.

Reason #4: You don’t give enough attention to your students. Guitar students don’t usually quit without warning. If you know how to look for it, you can see the signs that a student is about to quit before they do so (helping you to prevent it). You can improve this skill with a guitar teacher trainer.

Reason #5: You don’t learn from your mistakes. You must pay attention to and track all the reasons why students leave lessons. This is what helps you learn and get better as a guitar teacher.

Why Your Guitar Students Don’t Seem To Be Making Progress:

Reason #1: You don’t train your guitar students on how to practice. Your guitar students generally do not understand how to practice at home alone. You must train them to do it effectively. Don’t just tell them how to practice, but actually observe them practice during your lesson together so you can correct their mistakes. Do this often.

Reason #2: You teach your guitar students too much information too soon. Guitar students often struggle when you teach them too much information all at once. Instead, teach new things a little less, and train your students a little more. This will help your guitar students become better players faster. It will also keep them from feeling overwhelmed by too much new material to learn (a major cause of students quitting).

Reason #3: You don’t prepare your students for real life situations. Your guitar students need to get trained to play with others, perform on stage and make their skills consistent in all situations.

Hint: group lessons are excellent for this.

Why Your Mindset Could Be Keeping You Back:

Reason #1: You don’t think in the big picture. Don’t accept only earning a modest wage in a year’s time with your guitar teaching business. Don’t accept low-quality results for your students. By setting small goals, you only achieve small things. Think BIG, make huge goals for yourself and take tons of action.

Hint: It’s definitely possible to earn more than 6-figures each year as a guitar teacher… but only if you set big goals for yourself.

Reason #2: You have a bad mindset about money. You won’t become a successful guitar teacher, if you:

– Think that money is inherently bad

– Feel bad about the idea of earning a lot of money

– Have an anti-capitalist view in life

The income you make money in your guitar teaching business will be equal to the value you offer to your students. When you give more value to your students, you make more income. The more money you make, the more you can give… and the cycle continues.

Reason #3: You don’t believe highly enough of yourself. What you believe is what you become. If you believe you won’t become successful, you won’t become successful. When you truly believe you will, you will make it happen at any cost.

This guitar teaching test helps you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a guitar instructor. Take it now and learn how to grow your guitar teaching business fast.