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Zebra Pocket Guitar: Portable Guitar Practice Tool

Do you think that it is inconvenient to carry the heavy musical instruments when you go out? In order to solve this problem, there are plenty of portable simulating items to take the place of them. If you like playing guitar, then this article is of benefit to you. Because I will recommend a pretty good portable guitar practice tool to you. It is the Zebra Pocket Guitar, which features a small size and light weight. As a result, you can bring it anywhere.

Appearance Design

It has a small size of 5*26cm when it closed. With a protected bag, it is easier carrying. Made of high-quality materials, it provides you with the nice user experience. Exactly, it features high-strength plastic housing, mahogany fretboard and acoustic guitar steel strings. Compared with other similar products on the market, it takes the advantages of adjustable guitar strings, standard string distance, finely polished frets and superior environmental alloy plastic manufacturing materials.

Pros And Cons

However, just as the coins have two sides, it also has the pros and cons. In the aspects of shortcomings, it just can be used as the auxiliary tool for the guitar because it can’t issue the standard guitar sound actually. As a result, it is only suitable for those who would like to keep practicing guitar skills regularly. In other words, it can not be used as the professional musical instrument.

Although this Zebra pocket guitar has defects, it is pretty good for beginners, especially children, and the enthusiasts as well. It allows you to practice and improve your guitar skills anytime, especially in the case that it is inconvenient to take the guitar with you. If you like, you can play it anywhere, such as on the classroom, in the car, in the office, etc.


To sum up, the Zebra Pocket Guitar is a 6 frets portable guitar practice tool, which is excellent for those who is fond of playing guitar. It will help you improve the playing skills, which allows you to practice chords and scales and finger quickness. Depending on the ergonomic design and meticulously craftsmanship, it will offer you outstanding user experience. Most importantly, it is portable with a convenient carrying size. I appreciate it very much for it is pretty good that I can take it with me anywhere. If you like it as me, you could have a try! Wish you have a nice user experience!