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A Terrifying Dream Or The Call Of Love

For a challenging job in the Navy I decided to leave my pretty Celine at home with a caretaker, Tim. Like every loving couple we had many aspirations. But when the police listed Celine as a missing person all my aspirations vanished into thin air and left its trail of sorrow and despair. I felt cheated and betrayed. Time could not erase my pain. Lingering sickness in my body made me weaker each day. As I closed my eyes I started to dream. The dream took me on a stealthy walk down a path to a silent old house.

The first floor looked dusty with few croton and orchids planted on broken pots. As I climbed the stairs I felt someone rush down. ‘Sinister’, I thought. On reaching the second floor I saw a small reception table and an old man sitting on a chair. He turned his head and looked straight into my eyes. He coughed and asked if I needed a guest room. I nodded. He looked into a register and made me do a signature, handed me the keys. I walked ahead.

The house looked old but familiar, the ticking of the clock right above my head made me feel unpleasant and cold. At late night, restlessness increased. I found myself walking up the stairs on to the terrace. It was a dark, gloomy night. Something allured me towards the chimney. Suddenly, I saw the chimney being blown out and a pair of scalded, bruised female legs appeared. Darkness was great, I strained my eyes.

I could see a familiar female face but it was so much in pain I could hardly recognize it. ”She’s stuck up inside the chimney”, I panicked and hurriedly stepped forward to help her but she disappeared. With my heart racing I woke up shaking and terrified. Fear clutched my throat. Dismayed, I wanted to scream but could not. It is hard to tell if it was a dream or a vision. Going down on my knees I prayed for her. Celine did not betray me, she died a brutal death.

Without wasting any time, I left for Cape town. On reaching Cape Town, I could figure out how Tim harrowed her to satiate himself with sex, lust and pleasure. Trying to escape his prison she got stuck up in the chimney and Tim made no efforts to rescue her. Our beautiful home had become a guest house. His wickedness cannot be described in words. Tim got arrested.

It distresses me to realize that though in grim embrace of death she loves me dearly. I will never leave my pretty Celine ever alone. Seated in my wooden rocking chair I watch the darkness deepen. In desperation as my wooden armchair rocks faster her sobs become louder.

Impatiently, I wait for another day to break. I still love the chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees, fragrant flowers and sunrays kissing my cheeks. Nature is beautiful and so is life.