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When a Nightingale’s Pain Left Me Forlorn

She left me chaotic. I was hurt. My past life was not pleasant. It was the landlord who helped my mother bring me up after he killed my father. He was into divination and allured my mother into it promising that she would be the heir of his property. He handled poisonous snakes. He locked his eyes with the snakes and demonstrated his powers to control them. There were a lot of snakes all around.

As I grew I saw snakes guarding the 90 years old mansion. There was a large courtyard with overgrown trees. The flower bushes were once a rose garden. Not maintained though but the house did give a glimpse of its glorious past. Deep blue shutters and awnings decorated the doors and windows which were left open as no one entered the premises for the fear of snakes. The snakes never harmed me. I grew up with them.

A pretty girl with her parents lived next door but had never visited my home. I was seeing her for more than 6 months and slowly she started to love me. I felt an electrical connection with her. One day she visited my home and in the flickering light of the crescent moon we were making love. The light summer breeze added to our ecstasy, the stars were showcasing our love when suddenly she got a glimpse of something shaking near the sandalwood tree.

She strained her eyes and yelled in fear. At first I didn’t know what was she looking at but I soon realized that the snakes on the sandalwood tree scared her. I started laughing but she was too terrified. In the morning she wanted to have a stroll outside. I accompanied her. Suddenly we heard a typical sound. On turning back I saw a nightingale holding a plastic in her beak and shaking her neck to warn us of something. Suddenly a peculiar sound filled the air.

The birds started coming nearer. I could hear a strange sound from the tree slowly descend. It was a snake with a bird in its mouth coming down the mango tree. The snake took few minutes to kill the bird and swallowed it. The red whiskered nightingale lost her chick.

My sweetheart was a bird lover and was very upset. She was in tears and I knew it was all over. I emailed her, she did not answer. If I could only heed the Nightingale’s warning it could have ended well. Lesson learnt was that we ought to protect birds and wild life.

My restless and chaotic sight searches for her as though to go to her. I lost all peace so decided to leave for Costa Blanca. I left my mom with her splendid nineteenth century inheritance. Though my mom is no more I have no intentions to get back to the mansion that stands deserted and lost amidst houses newly built on the land that was once a rose garden.